GED Chute Solutions - From £298.00 per chute. Chute Fire Inspection and Safety Certification.
GED Chute Solutions - From £298.00 per chute.Chute Fire Inspection and Safety Certification. 

WELCOME TO GED Chute Solutions - Chute Fire Inspection & Certification



If you have a hotel, care home, nursing home or a high rise residential block which contains a linen or waste chute and you need to ensure it is safe for all staff and occupants then let GED Chute Solutions complete an fire and safety inspection and ensure you reach the standard to be awarded a fire certificate.

Chute Fire Inspection and Certification 

Changes in the law in 2006 means the duty of carrying out regular fire risk assessments lies with a “responsible person” appointed by the building owner. This can be both time consuming and daunting, particularly when it comes to the monitoring of fire prevention measures such as those found on laundry chutes. 

LIVE INSPECTION REPORTING: Using our unique i-app we provide an on-site ‘LIVE’ written and photographic fire inspection report for each laundry chute including fire doors, chute itself, automatic fire damper (if installed) and laundry room. All fire doors will be anti-bacterially cleaned, screws and bolts tightened and any moving parts will be lubricated. If the inspection ‘passes’ all criteria - you’ll receive a certificate on the day. 

FIXING A FAULT: If any faults or potential problems are found then it will be fully reported to you on the day and a repair or replacement can be ordered in good time, to ensure the next inspection passes, and you receive your certificate. 


NO ‘TIE-IN’ CONTRACTS: Because we understand that not every business wants to be tied into a maintenance contract they may never need - we provide a ‘when needed’ service as well as our ‘all inclusive’ maintenance packages to ensure complete reliability of your laundry chute, and in the event of an urgent problem we offer an immediate call out service at a low cost standard charge.